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About Us

Airflow Systems Southwest has been designing and providing durable and successful air filtration systems in industrial manufacturing facilities since 1976.

Our success has resulted from listening and understanding our clients precise application needs; then providing the equipment necessary to meet and exceed these requirements, while being sensitive to budgets.

Whether you’re dealing with welding fumes, soldering fumes, grinding and deburring dust, machining mist, wood dust, graphite dust, carbide dust, or any other type of dust particles or fumes, and whether it is a health concern or just maintenance problem, we have the experience to provide you with a successful solution.

We also specialize in bulk transfer material handling, high vacuum systems, for transporting products from one area of a facility to another or just general maintenance clean up such as removing metal drill press chips from the floors and work surfaces.

Vehicle exhaust systems is another of our areas of expertise; we can provide a central system for a large facility or a single hose reel for an individual application.

No matter what fume or dust problem you are facing, we have a variety of source capture or free hanging equipment systems for you to choose from.

Allow the professionals at Airflow Systems Southwest to solve your air filtration needs.